Part of Changes

This post, actually inspired by an event this evening.

Suddenly I found ℳy 1st ex’ Facebook page (we’re not connected to each other).
A girl (oƒ course, LOL!), 5 years younger than ℳe.
Who was just a high school student back then.
With chubby face (and body), innocent mind (it supposes to be), kinda spoiled girl (old habit never die) but sweet and nice.

But on this evening, all I saw was a HAWTY gal.
Nice body, same pretty face, seemed mature (a lil bit), and faaar more fashionable.

All I could think was “damn, look a You now… Yadda yadda yadda… (please, don’t let me embarrass myself)”
But that’s only a matter oƒ what I saw: her physical appearance.
And (with all respect), perhaps I’m a part oƒ that changes and transformations.
But, I’m not so sure.
Nothing or nobody able to reckon what will happen and why it’s happening.

Learn something, do Your best, and take those precise decisions, later. 🙂 (OKAY! A late regret is sorely useless)


It’s a repost, from November 11th, 2010.


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